Our Vision

"Creating Opportunities, by Building Relationships" 

- Coach Fredy, CEO, Next Level Prospect

The recruiting process of a Student Athlete can be a difficult procedure to comprehend. Which is why so many prospects tend to get completely overlooked by college coaches.


Since 2014, Next Level Prospect, a now established 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization has been the premier entity striving to bridge the gap between Student Athletes and Colleges nationwide. By utilizing our established relationships with Coaches at all three (3) of the major collegiate associations:

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) DI, DII, DIII

National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)


Next Level Prospect has created a platform for aspiring Student Athlete’s to be realistic in the pursuit of their academic and sporting goals. Our strategic assessment and academic evaluation of a Prospect grants us the ability to afford opportunities where a Prospect can be successful.


The critical elements to succeed in our process is for each Student Athlete and their support group to be honest with your current commitment to your education, level of athletic ability and your potential to improve upon your skills.


In summary, the recruitment process is essentially a series of strategic marketing objectives. Your academic accomplishments are part of your resume, recruiting film, even how you communicate with coaches, is all an important part of how you market yourself as an aspiring student-athlete when being evaluated by college coaches.


So, if your dream is to be a Next Level Prospect, but are struggling to move the needle in your college recruitment process, let us assist you with creating opportunities and building relationships.